service scope



With 40 years of executive international experience in various multinational organizations I offer end-to-end consulting services in SCM including:

- Supply chain design

- Diagnostics of existing supply chain models

- Transformation and optimization in supply chain

- Supply chain strategy definition and organization alignment

- Project management

- Risk management 

- Data management

- Sustainability practices

- Best practices

Experienced consulting in all supply chain functions:

- Sourcing

- Procurement

- Contract management

- Inventory management

- Inbound / outbound logistics

- Demand Planning / Forecasting

- S&OP programs


- Warehousing

     o Design

     o Implementation

     o Management

- Quality assurance

- Distribution

- Reverse logistics (returns management)

- SCM project management

- etc.


I can offer a broad range of customized solutions and alternatives to meet your unique requirements and enable you to attain supply chain excellence and maximum productivity with processes that empower your teams and provide them with the right tools to succeed in SCM. 

Align your supply chain to your business strategy and put your company on a solid track to success and profit.

Remember, competition today is not between companies but between supply chains.